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I´m turning 22 in a bit and here´s what I´ve learned shopping-wise in 21 years, regarding things that could be useful for you, too.
Here are my golden "rules":

) size doesn't matter but the fit does. Don't stick too much to your usual size. Some items run big others small. Nobody cares about the label in your pants or your blouse and so should you. 

) quality over quantity. With this it's important to know that basically all labels produce their lines in Bangladesh, India, China, Turkey,.. under the same enslaving circumstances
and the children, women and men working there are getting paid less than minimum wage.
But since fairtrade doesn't come in plus, supporting common ways of production is something we're barely able to avoid. 
You also often cannot tell if the fabric of an item is good quality or not which is why I try to wear what I bought (and intend to keep) for a few days and wash it at least once during that time. If an item loses it's silhouette or breaks from washing after such a short time it's usually possible to return the item. If you're shopping online (like any well-dressed plus size woman) check the return policy before ordering.

) If you cannot find clothes or designs you love, dare and get creative. There are wonderful seamstresses out there who´d love to  help you out if your sewing skills aren´t 100. Besides that, search Instagram! There are numerous brilliant indie designers who deserve support!

) An item should be useful. If it's not it should at least be pretty!

) Try to focus on what you love and not what you think you should love wearing (for example: as a plus size woman,..)
Your mojo could be "dress in what you loved before all the things happened that dimmed your sparkle".

) Check your country's import guidelines! I, for example, am living in Germany. Germany has quite strict guidelines when it comes to import, so I ALWAYS calculate the final price after shipping and taxes. More often than not an item isn't worth all the extra fuzz. Keep in mind, you won't get your paid taxes and shipping back if it doesn't fit + shipping back...

) Fashion is fun and it's meant to help enjoy yourself! No rules! Dress fierce, be happy, do whatever you want with your style. You know, people will stare, make it worth their but also your while.

) And lastly, if an item doesn't fit, don't beat yourself up. It's not your or your body's fault not fitting the item but the designers' and the item's. Something better will come your way.

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