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To accept, embrace and love yourself the way you are, is one of the greatest developements in life and and yet this task seems to be unbearable for so many who struggle. In a world where people seem to strive for perfection it seems horribly easy to forget about perfect imperfection and uniqueness. I do believe that the perfect imperfections are what makes you, you and what makes me, me, what makes each individual unique in a very own and beautiful way.

Above all we should aim to be a great, happy and thoughtful home for our spirit/consciousness.

Nevertheless I feel such a dilemma situation in my head.
There are serious drawbacks in this world.
While Europe and northern America produce so much food that half of it ends up in the trash, "the other half the world" dies of hunger.
We are trading corn and other substantial foods on the financial stock so that millions of inhabitants of certain African countries cannot afford their food which already solely consisted of corn, anymore.
The produced amount of corn would cope to feed all people starving from hunger on this whole planet three times.
There are women and children being kidnapped, selled as slaves or abused and murdered.
Animals are being tortured in the most sadistic ways possible to produce meat and leather the cheapest way possible.
Poor people got to work for hunger loans just to make huge concerns' earnings even horrendous, to finance the absurd lifestyles of a few.
There are people all over the world working hard everyday and still can't make a living because their earned money does not cope with it. 
Certain nationalities and gays are being threatened.
The death toll for Palestine has risen to an high amount.
There is a massacre in Iraq and a genocide on Kurds.
How do we classify brutality, genocide etc.?
There is a civil war in Syria where over one million people fled to camps.
Women are being raped and if they dare to defend themselves and eventually kill the rapist due to that defense they are likely being hanged if they were born in the 'wrong country'.
There are unarmed black teenager and men killed by the police on American streets, who are supposed to protect people regardless of their skin color.
There is a conflict in Ukraine. 
There are hooligans and nazis kicking people on the streets to death.
We are slowly but steadily poisoning ourselves by how we force nature to produce "enough" food.
People are being punished because of their origin, skin color, hair color/ structure, the appearance of their body, their age,...

And everything the average person seems to complain about is the latest phone, if someone's body is toned, if "your team" won, if a fat, happy person is promoting an unhealty lifestyle, or if you like or do not like someone for some reason.

Wake up!

Don't you value life? Don't you value freedom? Don't you value the planet? Don't you value yourself? 

Yet so many young girls and boys, grown women, men,... struggle with insecurities based on their appearance. People suffer from our societies standards. 

In the media it's not about learning, it's not about remaining curious.

In most magazines and commercials it's about being a certain size, having a certain skin color or hair structure.
I know it's about selling objects people would not need and companies´financials.

And If you brainwash people on a constant basis they begin to think that they're not good enough so that the "helpful ideas" on how to be prettier, thinner (thin does not equate healthy or beautiful) or what so ever, because the list goes on, develops into a firm cycle.

Too many do not think for themselves. Too many accept the dictates.
No-one should feel like less because their body, skin color, hair structure,... 
is different from what's propagandised as norm or beautiful. 

If my effort can save or help only one person, by showing off my thunderous thighs in shorts or pulling off something that's stigmatized as inappropriate for women my size, then that's something I am okay with. 

I could have gone on writing this article because in this very moment I'm really just touching a hint of it all. Can you believe I wrote this list last autumn? I decided to share something so personal now, because I feared sharing what´s on my mind for so long but could not keep it just for myself any longer
because it's something personal for every single inhabitant of this planet.
I felt like missing the point of using social media
so please just take your time, think about it and build your own perspective.
(side note: Of course there are other serious drawbacks I didn´t mention yet.)

But for now, accept youself for who you are. Wear whatever you want. Be yourself and think. I believe that we´re able to at least change societies´perception of what´s beautiful. WE ALL CAN DO IT.

Loves, have a good day!

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  1. Thank you for this beautifully truthful message.

  2. This is a wonderful post. Thank you for writing it.


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