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"rise and shine."

I´m excited to share two of my fave gowns today.
they match for a wedding, any other special occasion or a moment in which you just feel like rocking something other than what you´d usually wear. 

the green dress is from asos and one of my favourite dresses ever. the only thing I´d like to have changed is the fit around the hips, because I personally find it to be a little too tight. the material has a silky feel even though it´s viscose. overall an item I really really like.

dress - asos curve / lipstick - MÄC all fired up / shoes - primark

then there is this angelic light blue full lenght skirt from asos tall. the skirt runs very small, I´d recommend sizing up at least one, rather two sizes. even though the skirt could easily be worn differently, I somehow ended up wearing it with an h&m men denim button down because I loved the matching colors but difference in texture and style.

skirt - asos tall / button down - h&m men / lipstick - MÄC all fired up

remember, you´re awesome and you can wear whatever you like! I´m wishing you an amazing day! let me know how you liked my take on gowns, your feedback is more than welcome :)

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