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"Maybe you uneducated asses wouldn´t feel emasculated by feminism if your manhood was rooted in something other than opressing women..."

Something margieplus recently said, resonated with me. I´ve had some outfit ups and downs where some great outfits turned out really ´no way I´m going to post this` in the pictures, and others that weren´t my personal faves did turn out well. I feel, I got too caring about wether an outfit will be photogenic or not and I may have played it too safe. So when I read "Each morning, I ask myself: ´How can I take this outfit one step further?` I want plus size girls to know they don´t have to play it safe." I instantly felt inspired but most importantly, reminded...So I went for it!
And what I ended up wearing turned out to be one of my faves so far :)
My hair style remained for about ten minutes xDDD

dress - rebdolls / fake fur - H&M divided / shoes - Primark / sunglasses - Liebling&Burke / purse & ring - vintage / lipstick - mix between MÄC matte "all fired up" and dm trend it up "ultra matte 030" 

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  1. Loved this outfit, Mona! Keep it going :) Miss you *


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