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Welcome back, loves! 
Ever since I first moved to north-western Germany almost six years ago, I´ve been freezing and suffering from the cold, cloudy, dark, wet winters. This one is the first my wardrobe seems to cope with adequately. I may be used to it by now or it´s because this winter is epic warm...
I´ve been having ideas on possible outfits and also potential posts non-stop, which sadly, often weren´t realizable due to the lack of sunlight and an overdose of rain. I´m glad I was able to at least capture one winterly look that does me justice. LOL, yeah I tend to be a little hard on me. 
Those who know me, know I don´t need a reason to dress up but for those who do, I think this would be a great New Years Eve look. 
No. 1 is great for having a coffee with friends, post- Christmas shopping etc. while No. 2 is a great night-time version of No. 1 -plus you won´t be freezing outdoors when starting New Year rockets. Both looks are casually comfortable without looking basic ...
btw I´m still soooo loving this fake fur piece. I found it at primark one year ago. But to be honest, I´m still figuring what rid me when I only bought one. I mean it was 35€. It´s furrfect...
Let me know what you think and happy holidays! 

No. 1

  dress - asos / trench coat - primark / shoes - H&M / beanie - (I cut off the tag and do not remember the brand, sorry) / bag - from a local store called luna (worst quality you could think of except for this bag)

No. 2

without the moody filter :)

dress - asos / fake fur coat#jacket - primark / beanie - (I cut off the tag and do not remember the brand, sorry) / booties - (old) deichmann

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