July 5, 2016

{Eyoma by Dearcurves}

Hello loves, good to welcome you back!
I'm excited to be sharing the following pictures with you today.
I've been eyeing these skirts for a while now and I fell head over heels for both, the eyoma patterned skirt and the eyoma full circle skirt in plain blue, the moment they arrived.

I just love everything about them: the cut, the fabric, the color/ colors, the quality 

and how glorious I feel wearing them.
I was overjoyed finding out that these skirts don't just meet my expectations but also top them. I am very thankful for designers and seamstresses who know what they're doing and create such magic.
These skirts are perfection and so beautiful, just looking at them brightens my day and makes me happy.

Both skirts are currently on sale for half their original price! Ladies, gentlemen and gender non-confirming fellow humans, get yours while they're 50% off.

Photographing these beauties has been quite challenging though as the rain barely stopped pouring those past few weeks. Fortunately one day the rain stopped for about two hours what enabled me to take the pictures for the blog.

For some reason I hope you´ll like them. I already got a few ideas on how to style both skirts differently.

Hallo ihr Lieben.
Ich freue mich euch heute zwei Röcke vorstellen zu können.
Ehe die beiden "mein" wurden hatte ich sie bereits einige Zeit lang online betrachtet {ich sollte wohl sagen "angeschmachtet" :)}, ihr könnt euch mein Glück kaum vorstellen als sie geliefert wurden und all meine Hoffnungen und Erwartungen übertrafen.
Ohne euch zu sehr mit meiner Begeisterung einlullen zu wollen, die Röcke sind wirklich unglaublich schön. Die Qualität, der Schnitt und die Passform sind großartig, die Farbe/ Farben ist/ sind wunderschön {je nach Lichtintensität und Sonneneinfallswinkel variiert die Farbe einwenig was dem ganzen ein gewisses Extra verleiht}, sie sind schlichtweg auf den Punkt.
Es geschieht doch eher selten, dass ich von Kleidung derart begeistert bin. Meine von Herzen kommende Kaufempfehlung habt ihr! Im Moment sind die beiden Röcke und noch einige weitere Artikel um 50% reduziert, falls ihr also mit dem Gedanken spielt euch selbst einen zuzulegen, wartet nicht zu lange {von der Expertin auf dem Gebiet den richtigen Moment für den Kauf eines Kleidungsstücks zu verpassen :)}.

skirt - eyoma patterned skirt / bardot top - primark / pumps - zara / accessoires - mostly primark / purse - primark / lipstick - dm trend it up "ultra matte 030"

skirt - eyoma full circle skirt / top & necklace - h&m / rings & purse - primark / shoes - primark / lipstick - dm trend it up "ultra matte 035"

There is one thing I'd like to state here.
1/  These skirts are perfection no matter how you choose to wear them but I wanted them to look "extra", so I created a fitting Tutu that creates extra volume around the hips and in the back. Both skirts are just as beautiful without the Tutu underneath but with the Tutu underconstruction it's just 100% me.

 Eines, das mir an der Stelle noch wichtig ist zu erwähnen:
1/  ich trage einen eigens für diese Röcke konzipierten Tutu Rock darunter welcher im Bereich der Hüften und des Pos für zusätzliches Volumen sorgt. Die Röcke sind auch ohne wunderschön, fallen aber etwas sanfter.  

June 13, 2016

{Zalando Collaboration}

Hi there,
I hope you´ve been doing well. I´m excited to be introducing you to Zalando.
Earlier this year, Zalando decided to refresh their plus-size department .
Zalando´s plus section got a new look and is now offering a variety of new items and brands.

Hallo ihr Lieben,
Ich freue mich euch heute folgende Looks vorstellen zu können.
Beide habe ich dank Zalandos frisch renovierter "Große Größen" -Abteilung gefunden.
Im Rahmen der Überarbeitung wurde dem Plus-Segment ein neuer Look verpasst und eine Vielzahl neuer Artikel und Marken aufgenommen.
Ich habe mich sehr über diese Zusammenarbeit gefreut da sie mir die Gelegenheit bot mich etwas mehr mit Zalando auseinander zu setzen, denn ich hatte Zalando, gerade im große Größen Bereich, bis vor Kurzem noch kaum auf dem Schirm. 

Look no. 1

  dress - Evans Clothing via Zalando / purse, shoes and rings - Primark / head wrap - vintage / lipstick - dm trend it up "ultra matte 035"

This dress is one of the best things ever. It´s so comfortable, fits true to size (I sized up ~3 sizes though, not because I needed to but because I wanted that "childhood dresses" feel) + it feels great on summer skin (really oh so great like can I please wear it everyday?!). The fabric is very light weight yet stretchy.

 //yes, it´s been intentended to match the lgbtq.. pride colors with my head wrap (except the white of course) but I´m aware it´s difficult to tell.


Look no. 2

 jumpsuit - CeHCe via Zalando / shoes - primark / lipstick - dm trend it up "ultra matte 070"

 Wishing you the best! X 
Much love!

March 4, 2016

shopping 101

I´m turning 22 in a bit and here´s what I´ve learned shopping-wise in 21 years, regarding things that could be useful for you, too.
Here are my golden "rules":

) size doesn't matter but the fit does. Don't stick too much to your usual size. Some items run big others small. Nobody cares about the label in your pants or your blouse and so should you. 

) quality over quantity. With this it's important to know that basically all labels produce their lines in Bangladesh, India, China, Turkey,.. under the same enslaving circumstances
and the children, women and men working there are getting paid less than minimum wage.
But since fairtrade doesn't come in plus, supporting common ways of production is something we're barely able to avoid. 
You also often cannot tell if the fabric of an item is good quality or not which is why I try to wear what I bought (and intend to keep) for a few days and wash it at least once during that time. If an item loses it's silhouette or breaks from washing after such a short time it's usually possible to return the item. If you're shopping online (like any well-dressed plus size woman) check the return policy before ordering.

) If you cannot find clothes or designs you love, dare and get creative. There are wonderful seamstresses out there who´d love to  help you out if your sewing skills aren´t 100. Besides that, search Instagram! There are numerous brilliant indie designers who deserve support!

) An item should be useful. If it's not it should at least be pretty!

) Try to focus on what you love and not what you think you should love wearing (for example: as a plus size woman,..)
Your mojo could be "dress in what you loved before all the things happened that dimmed your sparkle".

) Check your country's import guidelines! I, for example, am living in Germany. Germany has quite strict guidelines when it comes to import, so I ALWAYS calculate the final price after shipping and taxes. More often than not an item isn't worth all the extra fuzz. Keep in mind, you won't get your paid taxes and shipping back if it doesn't fit + shipping back...

) Fashion is fun and it's meant to help enjoy yourself! No rules! Dress fierce, be happy, do whatever you want with your style. You know, people will stare, make it worth their but also your while.

) And lastly, if an item doesn't fit, don't beat yourself up. It's not your or your body's fault not fitting the item but the designers' and the item's. Something better will come your way.